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I have been a lifelong amateur astronomer starting at the age of ten when I received a 4” Reflector telescope as a Christmas present – I have rarely been without a telescope since that time.   My father was a U.S. Naval officer who had a professional interest in the stars as  navigational signposts as well as a scientific curiosity in the stars themselves which rubbed off on me over the years. During these formative years the space-race with the Soviet Union was in full swing and all things space and science were making front page news.  My boyhood heroes were the “Mercury Seven” astronauts and their pictures along with pictures of  rockets and solar system bodies, cut from the pages of Life Magazine, were taped to my bedroom walls. One of the most memorable moments at this time was when my father and I watched Echo I  (one of the early satellites) as it passed overhead when we were living at the Presidio in San Francisco.

Over the years I have witnessed the many advancements in amateur astronomy and I can say without hesitation that right now we are living in a “Amateur Astronomy Golden Age” due to the following factors:

  • Quality telescopes at all apertures can be had at historically low prices.  
  • The advent of  Digital Cameras and image processing software has revolutionized Astro-photography.
  • Personal computers and the internet has made professional astronomical publications, databases, and software available to the amateur.

My primary astronomical interest is viewing,  photographing, and researching Double Stars. Many of the photos that are posted on these pages are of these beautiful and interesting bodies.  One however cannot be immune to the other treasures that populate our solar neighborhood and the greater universe at large, so there are samples of many other objects which I have visited and can be accessed through the Drop-Down Menus in the header.

My home and primary observing location is Castle Pines Colorado (EL 6,500 ft), a suburb just south of the Denver metro area. In 2019 I began construction of a permanent observatory structure which when completed will include a warm room, storage space and wind protection.

This website is very much a work-in-progress so check back for additions and updates. Feel free to contact me with comments, corrections or suggestions at:

Oil painting I did at age nine (1961) which shows my deep interest in astronomy and the space program at that time .  Objects from Right-to-left:  The Sun showing prominences and sunspots, sputnik satellite, planetary body?, comet, Jupiter, Saturn, Earth & Moon, Mars, & Uranus (green).  The astronaut on a spacewalk and the space shuttle type vehicle were only conjectures at the time.